Floor Speaker, Fully Active with WiFi+Digital

The Comp 5 Air 

as our smallest floor speaker with comple Air-functionality.

Air not inly means wireless, Air means a completely new approach to the HiFi / HighEnd topic.This unique concept reduces the hardware requirements to a minimum. All you need is a pair of AUDIUM Air speakers.No Audio-Sources, Players, Pre-/Power- or integrated amps are neccessary any more.Music is being transmitted to the loudspeakers from your computer, tablet, smartphone or any cloud-app via WiFi (UPnP/DLNA and AirPlay® compatibe). Or through the coaxial or optical Toslink Input (both up to 24/192k) at the Master loudspeaker. The master then outputs the music signal through its digital output in full resolution to the slave.The processing of the audio signals is done completely in the digital domain - from the source, up to the digital power-amp which forwards the amplifier signals into the fullrange driver / woofer. Completely without any passive components of changes between digital and analogue domains with maximum resolution, and no losses. Also volume control is done digitally, but with a calculation accuracy of 48 Bit (!). A resolution that will break any argument against a digital volume control!This is all done by the amplifier module which has been developed by AUDIUM . It drives the fullrange driver and the woofer. The integrated DSP replaces a classical crossover network and allows various adjustments of the loudspeakers to your listening room and your personal audible demands.

The Comp 5 Air from AUDIUM - ahead of the times!

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Fullrange Driver
Integrated Subwoofer
Oval Woofer
Downfired Woofer
Internal Resonator
Bi-Wiring Terminal
Active Module
External Power Supply
DSP - Digital Signal Processor
Room Adaptation
Bass Management

Technical Data

Fullrange Ø
Woofer Ø
Power Fullrange
Power Woofer
Dimensions (WxHxD)
Cinch SPDIF, TosLink, WiFi
76 mm (3")
150 x 230 mm (6" x 9")
30 W
100 W
215 x 920 x 290 mm
18 kg

Available Finishes

White High-Gloss
Zebrano Veneer
Wild Cherry Veneer
Mocca Veneer
Black High Gloss


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AUDIUM Manual (Air Quick Intro)
AUDIUM Manual (Air Speakers)